As a homeowner, you should always be looking for ways to increase the value of your home while also improving the quality of life for you and your family. After the various lockdowns during the peak of the pandemic, many people took a closer look at the value of their outdoor space and realized they needed an outdoor plumber. This has led countless people to start finding outdoor appliances which can make time spent in their backyard more enjoyable.


A common factor in installing outdoor appliances is the installation of pipes to lead water to and from the appliances themselves. This is called outdoor plumbing. While some of these appliances may seem easy enough to install by oneself, any mistake can lead to expensive water bills and damage to your yard. As a provider of plumbing services Delaware County PA, we have seen several examples of this, and will be happy to help you with any installations.


Here is a look at some common outdoor appliances which need outdoor plumbing into your water system.

Outdoor Plumber for Main Water Line Taps

Whether it’s for gardening or for your hot tub, having taps easily accessible in your outdoor space can make life easier in a number of ways. Depending on your intended use, you may want it to be high pressure, drinkable, or able to be left on for long periods such as with some sprinkler systems.


Be sure to consider the following before contacting us for our plumbing services Delaware County PA:


  • Intended use or uses for the tap
  • The best location for your intended use/s
  • Whether you want the water to be drinkable or to be able to make it hot

In-Ground Irrigation

Whether you live in a particularly sunny part of Delaware County, or you simply want your plants, herbs, or veggies to be well watered, in-ground irrigation can help. These are absolutely ideal for those people who are generally quite busy with work, especially between June and September, and don’t have time to walk around the garden with a hose every other day. There are also smart controllers which can automatically adjust your irrigation system to suit each day, or can be controlled and monitored from the convenience of your phone.

Outdoor Plumber for Water Features

While many smaller water features are self-contained and may not require plumbing into your system, the more extravagant ones may. Popular in Chinese culture as a part of feng shui, water features such as waterfalls are considered an invitation to abundant wealth. This can literally manifest if you sell the house for more due to having a water feature, so there may be something to the geomantic claim.


As with water features, smaller ponds may be relatively self-contained and may not require professional plumbing. Although larger ones may require drainage, a filtration system, and a source of water. Ponds are great for those who don’t want cats or dogs, but enjoy the company of fish, turtles or frogs. They also make a great space for water plants such as water lilies or lotuses, and can be an ideal spot for those who like sitting outside and reading.

Outdoor Plumber for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens, while innately antiquated, can make for the ultimate backyard entertainment setup. They’re perfect if you have an outdoor stone or pizza oven, if you like cooking fish but don’t like the smell in your house, or if you enjoy hosting barbecues for friends, family, or neighbors. While some may argue that you may not necessarily need a sink in your outdoor kitchen, they can be an affordable addition and can save you time on not having to run back inside for cleaning and food preparation.


As with taps, you should have a few considerations thought out prior to contacting us for our plumbing services Delaware County PA, such as:


  • Where do you want the kitchen
  • Whether you want the tap to run hot and cold
  • How much pressure you want running through your taps

Backyard Bar

As with the outdoor kitchen, the backyard bar has also become more popular with entertainers across the country. With the proliferation of DIY tutorials utilizing easily attainable pallet wood, one can take on an achievable project with epic results. To really take your household hospitality to the next level, you may want to hire plumbers to install a line so you can rinse glasses and serve water.

Outdoor Plumber for Your Pool

The classic backyard installation which will require the installation of a complex plumbing system, a pool is not only great for kids, but can also provide a means to exercise at home. Due to the sheer amount of water they hold, there needs to be both a strong drainage system as well as an easy way to fill or top them up when needed. Consider hiring your local plumbers to aid in the installation of a pool in your backyard to ensure it’s done properly and will last as long as possible.