Considering the immense volatility of the stock market this year, many have realized that property is the best investment, due to it being stable and tangible. This has driven many people to look at how they can increase the value of their home, and kitchen and bathroom remodels are on the rise. Not only can these add value to your property, they can also give you a chance to address any plumbing issues or inconveniences which are common in many homes.

To say we rely on the plumbing in our homes is an understatement, as it is so integral that most people cannot live comfortably without it. Even minor issues like low water pressure or slow draining sinks can affect our daily lives. As a provider of services like repiping in Delaware County PA, we’ve learnt that the best time to do so may be during a remodel.

Here’s a look at the reasons why remodeling is the perfect time for repiping.

Why Repipe in the First Place?

Before we look at why to repipe, it’s important to understand exactly what we mean by ‘repiping’. Simply put, repiping is replacing either broken, old, or worn out pipes in a building. This is important because old or broken pipes can waste water, and when they function poorly it affects our daily routine.

Reasons to repipe:

  • Old pipes – older homes tend to have pipes made from materials which are no longer used. Replacing old pipes can improve water pressure, drainage time, and ensure the water is safe for consumption.
  • Low water pressure – this can cause huge inconveniences in your daily life, limiting your ability to shower, wash dishes, clean the house, etc.
  • Slow draining – this can also cause inconveniences in having to clean the leftover grime from a slow draining sink.
  • Dirty tap water – if you notice something in your tap water, chances are there’s a lot more that can’t be seen. You should use a home water test kit if ever you’re concerned about your water quality.
  • Noisy pipes – poorly installed plumbing systems tend to rattle and clank after some time. If you hear any noises in your pipes, contact your local plumbing service to inspect them.

Easier Access to Plumbing

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen will generally involve the removal of old features to install new ones. While these features are removed, the pipes which the plumber needs to access for repiping may be easier to access. Depending on the kind of remodel you are undertaking, and the kind of plumbing work you require, the best time to repipe may be in between the removal of old features and the installation of new ones.

Our team will be more than happy to help with your repiping in Delaware County PA during your remodeling job, call us to hear more about how we can help.Saves Downtime on Kitchen and Bathroom

Both remodeling and repiping can take your bathroom or kitchen out of service for some time. By doing these jobs separately, you may be unnecessarily extending the downtime of your kitchen and bathroom. Combining them allows you to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, as the plumbing work can be undertaken during the remodel.

As a provider of repiping in Delaware County PA, we know how precious your time is and are happy to work with you to ensure your kitchen or bathroom repiping is done to the deadline.

Protects your New Installations

Even the best plumber is prone to making small mistakes which can damage your new installations and in some cases can lead to an expensive replacement. By hiring plumbers to do your repiping work before any new installations, you can be sure that your new features won’t be damaged in the process.

Boosts Value for Resale

As previously mentioned many people are looking at remodeling their homes to increase the value of their property for resale. Although prospective buyers won’t be impressed by a newly installed kitchen or bathroom if the taps have low water pressure and the sinks drain slowly. By simultaneously undertaking your repiping with your remodeling you will improve the chance that prospective buyers are actually impressed with your efforts.

The Importance of Quality Installation along with Quality Materials

When looking at repiping you should ensure that the installers you hire are professionally experienced and equipped with high quality materials. The installation is just as important as the materials used, so even if you have some experience in plumbing it may be best to go with a professional.

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