If you’ve ever experienced any sewer replacement problems with the plumbing or sewer in your home, you’ll know that it’s expensive in both time and money. Countless people are looking at their homes as their best investment, and are finding ways to fine tune their lifestyle by upgrading their utilities. Pipes and sewer lines are no stranger to problems, although the prospect of having to rip up your entire yard may be daunting.

Recent years have seen monumental shifts in how we achieve different tasks, and nowhere is this more apparent than in plumbing. As a provider of trenchless sewer replacements Delaware County PA, we are still in awe at the simplicity of underground repairs and replacements. Both our team and our customers benefit from this technology, and we’d like to share just how beneficial it is.

Here is a look at how trenchless technology is revolutionizing our work, and how it benefits our customers.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement Technology

Not too long ago, plumbers would often have their work cut out for them, having to navigate and excavate pipes between the various other utility lines. This way of doing things was simply all we had, and it came with many downsides.

Hard Work is an Understatement

This was excruciating work which often took a lot of time, and at times required heavy machinery to do so. Prior to the video technology which allows us to inspect pipes today, plumbers would have to deduce where the leak or problem might be, and spend weeks digging and searching for the leak or faulty pipe.

The Antithesis of Landscaping

As previously mentioned, this work required a lot of guessing, and these attempts would leave people’s yards in pieces. If heavy machinery was required, even more damage would be done to the lawns for the sake of plumbing. It wasn’t uncommon to require a landscaper once the plumbers had finished, to try and put the pieces of your backyard back together.

The Cost of Time

All of the hard work mentioned takes time, and considering most labor-intensive jobs are wage-based, that time would be expensive. After several weeks of destroying your yard to fix a single pipe, homeowners would find themselves with hefty bills to pay, and with landscaping and the likes to pay for on top of it all.

Mistakes were Made

As if the high monetary cost wasn’t enough, if any mistakes were made and the wrong utility line was affected, one could accidentally shut off power or water to neighboring houses. These mistakes would be socially and monetarily costly to fix, and would cause inconvenience to all involved.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement Has Arrived

Looking back at that old story, it’s a shame we didn’t come across trenchless technology sooner. In fact, since we’ve started offering it, trenchless sewer replacement Delaware County PA has gained exponential popularity. The simple fact that the yard doesn’t have to be destroyed has motivated countless people to upgrade their piping and sewer lines.

But the benefits don’t stop there, let’s review how the story has been rewritten with trenchless technology.

A Sewer Replacement Requires Special Machinery

In the place of blood, sweat, and tears, plumbers now have access to machines such as Cast-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) which, as the name suggests, can cast piping in place. They are also equipped with video pipe inspection technology which takes the guesswork out of finding faults. Even burst sewer lines or pipes can be relined with no digging whatsoever, by laterally inserting a pipe linear to seal the pipe from the inside.

No Digging Means No Landscaping

One of the most exciting benefits of trenchless sewer replacement Delaware County PA residents love to remind us of is the fact that their yard isn’t destroyed by our work. Not only does this save people money, but it also means their precious plants won’t be affected by the work.

Less Time Less Cost

As it takes substantially less time to undertake this work utilizing trenchless technology, you can expect the bills to be much more manageable. It also means that this work can be organized to take place over a shorter period of time, reducing the amount of inconvenience it causes.


Unlike the mistakes which would occur prior to this technology being available, trenchless technology makes this kind of underground work almost mistake-proof. This is incredibly valuable for both our team and our customers, as it means that no unnecessary blaming will take place.

Sewer Replacement Delaware County PA

If you’re looking to undertake some trenchless sewer replacements on your property, or simply wish to inquire about the prices, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us today. Here at Advanced Drain and Underground Solutions we have a professional team who look forward to hearing from you. We also offer a 24/7 emergency